Say you drive or commute to work for an hour each day. That is an hour of sitting in a vehicle and getting bored out of your mind. We made a list of our favorite weed podcasts that you can listen to to help pass the time. These podcasts also offer valuable information on weed products, strains, growing, consumption tips, funny stories, and more.

These podcasts typically feature a host and some guest stars. Most of them light up a joint and assume their conversation about a specific topic. It will make you feel like you are among stoner friends and you are listening to comedic, educational, and even scientific conversations about weed. You may find these podcasts on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

The Adam Dunn Show

The Adam Dunn Show has been on the air for 6 years with no signs of stopping in the near future. The show releases three hours’ worth of podcasts every week. The show airs live from Colorado every Friday at exactly 4:20 MST. (Isn’t that witty?) Think of this show as the Joe Rogan Experience in the world of weed podcasts, minus the conspiracy theorists. Each episode features long, deep, and insightful conversations that cover topics like the cannabis business and the professionals in the industry. The host does a good job of infusing just the right of humor to keep the conversation light yet impactful.

Brave New Weed

The Brave New Weed podcast brands itself as a high-minded podcast that focuses on the user experience during the post-prohibition era. There is a lot to learn about the recent legalization of marijuana, from the states that allow it to the advocates in the community. The podcast also discusses the psychedelic renaissance and the effects of different drugs, like mushrooms. Each episode is one hour long and is guaranteed to leave you with a load of information about the psychoactive experience.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

This is the perfect podcast for those who are interested in growing and cultivating their own cannabis plants. There is a whole science behind successfully growing your own. Cannabis isn’t necessarily low-maintenance so before you start, you need to prepare the proper soil type and plant the best strain that suits your location.

This podcast helps you stay updated on the latest developments in the world of growing and breeding. There are lengthy discussions on the best organic growth methods as well as countless tips from experts in the industry. Listen to this podcast to know more about formulated soils, grow lights, and yield boosting tips.


Cannainsider is the best podcast for staying updated about industry trends, legalization, and employment opportunities. This podcast airs every week and is hosted by Matthew Kind. They have released around 300 episodes with notable guests that are household names in the cannabis industry.

This podcast teaches you about seed companies, grower techniques, manufacturers, dispensaries, and even cannabis chemists. There are in-depth discussions about crucial information you need to succeed as a cannabis business owner. You might find the episodes a bit monotonous but they provide pure information and is an excellent resource for users and enthusiasts.

The Wine and Weed Podcast

This podcast is relatively new to the game but it has quickly amassed a following all over the world. As the name suggests, this podcast is incredibly chill. The hosts and guests do not necessarily smoke weed and drink wine in one go. The episodes are relaxed and perfectly humorous while dealing with relevant topics in the weed community.

We highly urge you to watch their episodes on YouTube so that you can witness their interactions and join in on the fun.

 Weed + Grub

Weed + Grub is a podcast show hosted by Mary Jane Gibson and Mike Glazer. They talk about weed in pop culture, food, and more. The hosts definitely deserve their roles due to their experience and expertise. Gibson is an editor from the High Times and Glazer was a cook for Gordon Ramsey’s show. The two make a great tandem and each podcast gets more addicting than the last.  

Spice up your daily commute by listening to our favorite podcasts. You’ll glean knowledge on the industry and have better use of your time than staring out the window of the bus. Get your monthly supply of cannabis goodies from MonthLeaf.